Kenjara Lodge derives its name from the ancestors of the current owners.

The Kenjara tribe predate the Mashona and Matabele tribes in

Southern Africa and, although considered a peaceful, nomadic tribe,

they are known to be highly intelligent and adventurous.


Little is known about the origins of the Kenjara tribe; however,

it is known that they lived side by side with the King of the Jungle, the Lion. 

This is thought to be because of their uncanny ability to imitate

others’ abilities.  They, therefore, owe their survival to their

feline counterparts.


When the first ships “discovered” the African continent the

Kenjara tribe studied the sailors in great detail, storing the information

for future use. When the ships set sail, little did the Captains and

their men realize that members of the Kenjara tribe where hidden aboard. 

Upon docking in England, the Kenjara called again on their

uncanny powers of imitation and were able to mingle with the natives,

the two main settlements being Bolton and Wrexham, others settling

further afield but the call of Africa was too strong. Many years later,

the Kenjara tribe returned to Africa settling in South Africa near to

their friends the lions.


Do not be surprised to find a lion called Kenjara!



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